AAF-Central Texas plans marketing session Friday

Join AAF-Central Texas for a video conference with Amy Kinnaird.

A marketing strategist and social media evangelist, Kinnaird has spoken to countless groups and trained hundreds of people on how to market their businesses using both online and offline marketing tools. If you struggle with getting new clients, if you don’t know what to do for your marketing, or if you just need more time to get it all done, Kinnaird has a solution.

The session starts at 11:45 a.m. Friday at Texas A&M University-Central Texas in Founder’s Hall, Room 413.

The cost is $15 for AAF members and students and $25 for nonmembers. RSVP by 5 p.m. Wednesday to aafcentex@gmail.com.

Other upcoming AAF-Central Texas events:

Aug. 28: Fall TV preview

Sept. 4: Public service presentations

M. Clare Haefner

Resource Center plans promotion workshop

The Central Texas Business Resource Center hosts TECHNIQUES FOR PROMOTING YOUR BUSINESS from 10 to 11:30 a.m. Tuesday. This workshop will discuss specifics about how to market a business and budget for related costs. A workbook for preparing a marketing plan is included. Cost is $25.

Reserve a seat at least one day in advance. Call 254-200-2001 or email marcusc@workforcelink.com.

All classes are conducted at the Killeen Workforce Center, 300 Cheyenne.

M. Clare Haefner

BBB offers tips about fun runs after cancellations

Better Business Bureau has been hearing lots of complaints from around the country about various fun runs that have been canceled with short notice, often with no refunds.

If you are thinking about participating in a themed fun run, here are some BBB tips:

Do your research. Check out the company’s BBB Business Review and search online for additional information before signing up.

Understand the terms and conditions. In some cases, promoters say on their websites that they don’t offer refunds, but many consumers don’t read the fine print before hitting “I agree” to long online documents.

Check the local venue. Contact the park or other venue to confirm that the event is scheduled.

Pay with a credit card. Charges made on a credit card can be disputed after a purchase, whereas debit, cash or wire transfer transactions cannot.

Keep documentation of your order. After completing the online registration process, you should receive a confirmation receipt. Print out and keep a copy of the confirmation and any supporting documentation for future reference.

Check out the charity. Most fun runs are for-profit, but if the promoters claim a portion of the proceeds will go to charity, check it out on give.org to make sure your donation is going to a trustworthy charity. Be wary of sound-alike names similar to more famous charities.

For more tips you can trust, go to bbb.org.

M. Clare Haefner

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