The Texas Real Estate Commission on Friday amended its petition against a Killeen broker to include five more counts in a case originally filed in October.

The commission now has 13 cases pending against Guadalupe Colindres, who operated Team Lupe and Town Line Properties, according to the commission.

Cases were originally to be heard by the State Office of Administrative Hearings in December, but several continuances were filed in the case, according to the court’s docket information.

The hearings are set for May 28 and 29, said Christine Anderson, a public information specialist for the commission. The 13 counts are expected to be heard at that time. In February, Colindres’ attorney asked to be withdrawn from the case, according to a court document.

“This motion is based on good cause in that respondents have deliberately disregarded their agreement and obligation for payment of attorney’s fees and expenses,” stated the document. “Further, respondents failed and continue to fail to communicate with counsel regarding their continued representation.”

The commission confirmed the attorney’s withdraw motion was approved by a State Office of Administrative Hearings judge in March. In August, the state agency temporarily suspended Colindres’ broker’s license using a chapter in the Texas occupation code that allows a disciplinary committee to determine if her continued practice constituted a continued threat to the public’s welfare.

“In her situation, the commission, which is a consumer protection agency, deemed it necessary to temporarily suspend her license,” Anderson said.

The commission alleged in the 13 counts Colindres violated numerous occupational codes to include engaging in bad faith and dishonest conduct, failing to pay landlords in a timely manner and commingling others’ money with her own. One case alleged when a landlord tried to stop service with Town Line Properties, the company sought more than $15,000 in marketing fees and could not provide detailed accounting for the cost.

After threatening additional charges and to report the landlord to a credit bureau, the property owner paid about $3,000, court documents stated.

Another landlord allegedly terminated Town Line Properties services but couldn’t get the keys to the home back for two months, stated court documents.

The State Office of Administrative Hearings also had several items of returned mail listed in its docket for the case.

The commission seeks $111,500 in administrative penalties and the revocation of Colindres’ broker’s license.

The Herald could not obtain contact information for Colindres.

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