The Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce presented awards to five children who participated in this year’s Lemonade Day event during the chamber’s June mixer Thursday evening at First National Bank Texas.

“We do mixers every month so that our members have a chance to network and build a business relationship,” said Jonathan Packer, senior vice president of business development at the Killeen chamber. “We support the business community and supporting young people’s opportunity to learn about business is something we couldn’t be more supportive of.”

This year’s Lemonade Day event included about 3,000 children from the Killeen area, said Amanda Stephens, city director for Lemonade Day. The initiative is designed to educate children on how to start and operate a business through a lemonade stand.

“It shows how they’ve really adapted to the lessons of Lemonade Day to learn about the cost of implementation and set-up, and how to appeal to the public, and these kids really set the bar high,” she said.

The youth were recognized for having the most successful businesses.

Raeana Belitz, 9, took third place and raised about $160.

“I spent it on my mom’s Mother’s Day present, and I’m saving the rest for Sea World,” she said.

Emma, 9, and Kyle Gill, 5, teamed up to take second place after they raised more than $300.

A separate brother-sister team was recognized for bringing in more than $500 through their business.

Paige, 14, and Grant Jansen, 5, took first place and put the earnings toward charity.

“We donated it toward saving dogs from Afghanistan,” Grant said.


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