Some experts say dirty air conditioning vents are health hazards.

Doug Ables, a certified chimney sweeper and owner of Ables Top Hat Chimney Sweeps Inc., agrees there is a value in clean air ducts. As with cleaning chimneys, cleaning dryer vents and air ducts on a regular basis eliminates fire hazards, reduces energy costs and makes air in homes healthier to breath

“It’s a health value, especially for people with allergies; you’d be amazed how much dust gets in those vents,” Ables said.

Last year, Ables expanded his business from chimneys to air ducts at the request of customers.

“People kept asking me to (clean air ducts),” he said.

To operate as a certified air duct provider, Ables must keep at least one technician on staff who is certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. He and two of his technicians are certified.

George Reed started cleaning air ducts for Ables Top Hat Chimney Sweeps soon after he took the NADCA test with Ables in Dallas last June. Reed highly recommends the service.

“It’s definitely a need in order for customers to have an immediate improvement in air quality,” he said. “We average about one or two air duct cleaning jobs a week.”

Checking and changing air filters, keeping the air conditioning system maintained and having regular inspections are important. But if not done correctly, serious damage could be done to air duct vents, which could in turn cost customers more money.

Ables said he refuses to take risks that would cost him and his customers money. To ensure high-quality work, he uses only standardized equipment, such as the Flexduct, a specialized system designed for modern homes built today.

“The bottom line is doing the best job with good quality work,” Ables said.

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I do think that the air ducts cleaning should be done every 4-5 months interval. It is also seen that people, who have central air conditioning are at more risk of getting dust allergy. Cleaning ac ducts, air conditioners feed pipe would help to keep maintenance and power cost down. To read more about it check out here.

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