3 C's Barber Shop

Kevin Williams trims Marcus Ladner’s hair Thursday at 3 C’s Barber Shop in Killeen.

From fades to Afros, 3 C’s Barber Shop sets out to style the hair of Killeen and Central Texas residents.

“When I first came to Fort Hood, I visited several barber shops looking for a good barber,” said Marcus Ladner, owner of 3 C’s. “Most weren’t interested in new customers because they already had established a steady clientele; walk-ins were treated like they were invisible.” Fortunately for Ladner’s hair, the former military veteran met barber Kevin Williams and formed a relationship that expanded from mere barber-client to friends and eventually business partners.

“I have known Marcus and have been cutting his hair ever since he moved to Fort Hood,” Williams said. “We both have been talking about opening up a shop together, and I think he knew that I was with him. Once this space opened up in July, we really started getting serious about it.”

3 C’s opened Aug. 7 and has seen a steady stream of clients.

“I can’t complain about business,” Williams said. “I make more money here than I did at my last shop. Plus, this place just feels like home. I feel comfortable here.”

A former military veteran, too, Williams found his way to Killeen in 2001 after a medical issue left him seeking a kidney transplant from his brother who lived in the area.

“I got the transplant, met my wife the same year and have lived in Killeen ever since,” Williams said. “I was cutting hair even when I was in the military, but I love the atmosphere and relationships I have with my clients now. Barbers do more than just cut hair.”

While the finished haircut is still the No. 1 priority for Williams and his clients, his former customer and current business partner agreed it’s about more than just the hair.

“A barber is something like a psychiatrist, sports analyst, news reporter, guidance counselor and more,” Ladner said. “They listen to their customers’ issues, keep you up to date with what’s going on in sports, keep you informed of current events and provide good advice.”

Besides agreeing on the customer-barber relationship, both men believe the future of 3 C’s Barber Shop is filling the remaining chairs and expanding into Killeen’s growing neighborhoods.

“I have prospects for our remaining chairs but if they are all filled with barbers, then that’s what we’ll be, a barber shop,” Ladner said.

Williams said he hopes to expand past Stan Schlueter Boulevard someday. “The people living over there need their hair cut, too.”

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