COPPERAS COVE — In the age of gym franchises, some family-owned facilities struggle to stay open. However, going on 20 years, that has not been the case for Trixie Bennett and her daughters, Stephanie Beveridge and Carrie Harris. The mother-daughters team owns a successful gymnastics and fitness training facility in Copperas Cove.

“GymKix began its humble journey in a 2,800 square feet subleased space in September 1999. Through the grace of God, GymKix outgrew the space quickly and moved into an 11,000-square-foot leased building in the center of town,” said Stefanie Hoffman, GymKix’s director of member success.

Harris’s marketing and advertising background, Bennet’s finance experience and Beveridge’s entrepreneur mindset helped the co-owners fill their new space quickly, according the company.

“On June 7, 2015, GymKix opened the doors to its current facility and is proud to offer the cleanest, safest and most state-of-the art facility for training athletes in the greater Fort Hood area,” Hoffman said.

Gymkix is now located on 1352 Matthew Spicer Road off the new U.S. Highway 190 bypass. The family-oriented facility has a variety of recreational programs, clinics, camps and after-school clubs. It is focused on gymnastics, dance, trampoline, tumbling, ninja zone and wellness.

Families are integrated into the gym’s community right away. All new members receive a personalized tour and one-on-one meeting with Hoffman. Its Better Business Bureau rating is A+, which is the highest rating.

On average, children from Killeen, Harker Heights, Lampasas, Temple, Kempner, Belton and Copperas Cove spend one to two years there for gymnastics or other programs.

“Throughout our 20 years, we have had hundreds of students spend four to 10 years, in addition to joining our staff team once old enough,” said co-owner Stephanie Beveridge.

The gym’s three teams are Royals Gymnastics Team, Aeros Trampoline Team and High Velocity Dance Company. Staff recommend interested but inexperienced children join the recreational teams to gain confidence first.

“Right now, we are registering for our 20th annual recital with our Princess Dance program and our Just Dance Program ... In January, all our dance classes will begin learning dance routines to perform in our annual recital held in May,” Beveridge said.

Although GymKix is a children’s facility, it is home to Booty Fitness. Beveridge created the program for ladies 18 years and up. Mothers and caregivers need me-time too.

“The peace of mindfulness, the flexibility of yoga, the muscle tone of strength training, the low impact of barre, the energy of dance cardio, and the fun of a girl’s night — all through the revolutionary mindset-based workout program that gives you a mind shift and a body lift,” Beveridge said.

Children and parents spend a significant amount of time here. Member health and wellness are important to Gymkix’s staff. The facility only serves food and drinks free of gluten, food-dye, artificial sweeteners and dangerous additives at Trophy’s Health Bar.

Most Gymkix’s programs are for children 3 and up. The facility created a new program for babies and toddlers. Smart Start is a $99 six-week program that provides a structured environment for parents and infants. Gymkix saw a need for the seasonal program and started it in October.

At first, this age group only had free monthly toddler playtime. It helped children adjust to the training facility’s environment, but it did not give them experience in a structured class.

“On average, 100 participants come out for indoor play, crafts, outdoor play and more,” Hoffman said.

Toddler time is not the only free program facilitated by Gymkix. The facility sends instructors to schools and daycares for free events.

“We have our national gymnastic day and national dance day. We’re open to the community several times a year for free events … Gymkix is not just about our members. We reach out and we want to be a part of the community as well,” Hoffman said.

Gymkix consistently creates happy healthy memories for its members and community.

For more information visit, or call 254-221-9043. Facebook messenger is the quickest way to reach them.

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