COPPERAS COVE — The city and its economic development corporation Thursday held a land dedication ceremony for a property that will house a fire and police substation.

“Today, we dedicate property to the city for a new fire and public safety station,” said Dan Yancey, the Cove EDC’s president. “This project has been in the works since the 2010 land exchange with Fort Hood.

“The (Cove EDC) board recognizes that the property to this facility, the Narrows Business and Technology Park, was a win-win situation.”

The 4-acre lot is off of Old Copperas Cove Road between Constitution Avenue and Robert Griffin III Boulevard. It will become a fire station and police substation sometime after 2015, when the city plans to issue a $6 million bond for its construction.

After construction, it will serve residents along with Five Hills, the Narrows Business and Technology Park, and Copperas Cove Professional and Business Park.

“I would like to thank the citizens because they are the one who voted to build a fire station,” said City Manager Andrea Gardner.

Without residents’ support for the fire station, the city wouldn’t need the land because funding would not exist for its construction.

According to city data, an estimated 2,231 addresses are located in the service area proposed for fire station No. 4, including four schools and more than 2,000 homes.

The construction of the fire station should reduce response time by almost 2 minutes to those addresses currently served by the main fire station on South Main Street. The average response time in the eastern portion of Copperas Cove and the Five Hills shopping center is 5 minutes, 49 seconds, according to the city.

The national standard is 4 minutes.

Continued development in the area would increase those response times even more if the station wasn’t built, said Cove Fire Chief Burney Baskett.

Construction of such emergency service buildings typically occur after the development, Baskett said. In this case, Cove thought “ahead of the curve.”

The station being in place before the area is developed means the fire department can plan further into the future and serve upcoming years’ growth.

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I would just like to know and get an answer to my question. Copperas Cove, started clearing the land located off of FM1113 and Grimes Road a few years ago. This was due to the fact that back then the fire department located by city park on FM1113 was supposed to have been built on that site, not on the Constitution Dr. site at he time. Now all of this has changed for the people will not be getting the new promised fire department as we thought we would. I understand progresss and all that jazz but how about us? we are left in the cold. I live outside the city limits of copperas cove by 1.6 miles we have no fire department out this way and by haing one not only would we recieve help a lot faster it would also benefit the home owners and thier home owners insurance we all know that insurance companies rates are higher when there is no local fire department nearby however those that will be taking ownership of new housing on Constitution Dr get top priority to having a fire department in thier own back yard and to heck with us, we pay taxes like the other people do. Also what about the area on Grimmes Rd? it looks like the city dump, it is trashed half the time, Copperas Cove does not keep it clean, the brush is out of control up and down that road and the road belongs to the City of Copperas Cove, but sometimes I think they just shut thier eyes on this area as if we don't count. Come on Copperas Cove time to wake up and smell the coffee. This is supposed to be The city built for family living, well clean up your trash I am tired of driving by it. My freedom of speech.[thumbdown]

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