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Copperas Cove Economic Development Corporation members talk during a meeting on Thursday while attorney Robert Gradel, left, and Cove EDC Director of Business Development Monica Hull, right, listen in. Cove EDC and the City spent $250,000 renovating the building to allow for more space and a larger meeting room.

COPPERAS COVE — The Copperas Cove Economic Development Corporation held its first meeting inside its renovated offices Thursday.

“I think this will definitely serve our purpose for many years,” said Dan Yancey, the corporation’s chairman, sitting behind a new granite-topped dais. “This is the first renovation to this building since we purchased the building in 1996.”

The roughly $245,000 construction project rebuilt most of the floor plan to include more office space and a large meeting room that will serve the Copperas Cove City Council as well.

The short meeting was the first time several of the board members saw the building’s new additions.

“It seems to be better designed,” said Jack Smith, a board member. “I like this space. It looks nice.”

Yancey said the biggest improvement is the amount of usable space.

“We have 100 percent usable space; before, it was about 60 percent because of the building’s configuration,” he said.

The building wasn’t quite finished Thursday, but the final touches should be completed in the near future.

“It is mostly finished,” said Polo Enriquez, EDC executive director. “We had a substantial completion meeting earlier this week. We hope we will be able to get everything done and move back in (soon).”

The contractor is finishing some minor work, and the city needs to install video equipment to televise meetings.

In other business, the EDC discussed construction payments for the Narrows Technology and Business Park and monthly and quarterly finances, all of which were on track.

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