The K-Town Coffee Bean in Killeen was spilling over Sunday afternoon as the business was packed with children and parents participating in Kids Craft Day.

Organized by the business owner, the crafts event offered families a chance to get out Sunday afternoon and partake of some discounted drinks while the kids made various arts and crafts.

“I think it is amazing that they are having things like this to do to bring the community together,” Shawn Mitchell said. She attended the event with her daughter, Linlani, 6. “It’s a good way for the business to give back to the city, and it’s good for the business, too.”

Linlani was working on painting a coffee filter she would later decorate with animals that her mother was helping her cut out of construction paper. Shawn Mitchell said she was happy her daughter liked doing arts and crafts because it was something she enjoyed doing when she was a kid.

“We are always looking for fun things to do on the weekends around here, and we saw they are doing this again on the 30th, too,” she said. “I first heard about it when my friend saw it on Facebook and told me about it, and we wanted to come check it out.”

Event organizer Melanie Dunn said she was pleased and surprised with the turnout for the event. Dunn had to call in extra help halfway through the event to help serve every customer, as each child was offered one free small Italian soda and every specialty drink was offered one free upsizing.

“The turnout is huge, it’s a lot bigger than I thought it would be,” Dunn said.

“I did a Christmas event like this last year where my dad dressed up as Santa, and this turnout is about the same size as that was, which was huge.”

Roughly 20 kids attended the event during its two-hour runtime. Parents chatted with each other and ordered drinks while their children had fun.

“This really helps get people aware of K-Town,” Dunn said. “We just got a light-up sign, and we haven’t been here for a while. My father and I started this place in 2015.”

Dunn is already preparing for the next event, which will take place July 30 and also will be free to attend. Dunn plans to offer new crafts for the children.

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