Central Texas College students are looking to help local military spouses start their own businesses.

The college’s Enactus organization will host a workshop for active-duty military spouses at Fort Hood next week as part of its “Operation I Serve Too” initiative.

“The idea behind ‘I Serve Too’ is to provide military spouses an opportunity to learn how to develop a business and be their own boss,” said Chastity Clemons, Enactus sponsor and CTC business administration instructor.

“Our focus is to provide the means to create a business that can move with the spouse wherever they may go and still create a sustainable income.”

The workshops will run from 9 a.m. to noon Monday through Friday at the Soldier Development Center.

Attendees will learn the concepts and essential skills of starting a business including concept, marketing and budgeting. The top three business concepts will win $1,000 to use as start-up funds for their business.

“So many people have ideas of a business they’d like to start, but have no idea how to get it started,” Clemons said.

This isn’t the first time Enactus has helped military spouses start and grow a business.

Last year the group helped three military spouses generate income through their own businesses.

One start-up, Diaper Baby Dolls, is earning $200 a month in profits, according to Enactus.

Another, Old Fashion Portraits, is generating $800 a month.

Jessica’s Classy Crafts, another business run by a military spouse, is bringing in $900 a month in extra income.

“During our monitoring process, we helped the owners of these businesses obtain tax ID numbers, outline their business and marketing plans,” Clemons said.

“Enactus also provided training on business operations, internal strategies accounting practices, pricing, product placement, finding buyers and vendors. We want to be sure our three chosen winners are fully prepared to succeed when they step out on their own.”

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