Killeen 7-Eleven

The 7-Eleven store at 1408 Rancier Ave. is being sold by the national Dallas-based chain along with 74 other locations. The store will remain operational until a sale is final.

A Killeen 7-Eleven store is on tap to be sold as part of a 75-location sale by the Dallas-based company.

Chicago-based NRC Realty & Capital Advisors LLC announced Wednesday it will market a sale consisting of 7-Eleven locations in 16 states.

Three of the 75 are in Texas and one is at 1408 E. Rancier Ave. in Killeen.

7-Eleven didn’t respond to media inquires about the sale, but as part of the announcement, the company said the stores “simply do not fit 7-Eleven’s current business model.”

“There are many nice sites in this package,” said Robbie Radant, 7-Eleven vice president of mergers and acquisitions, in a news release. “All of these stores have solid merchandise sales and should provide good opportunities for the right buyers.”

The Killeen location is a convenience store without a gas station and has operated in the 2,000-square-foot building since 1969, according to NRC’s website.

Selling the location will leave the brand with 16 locations in the Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood area, according to 7-Eleven’s website.

NRC said the Killeen store will remain operational until it is sold, said Tracey Suppo, NRC Media vice president of marketing.

NRC has been “very successful” in selling 7-Eleven Inc. properties since 2012.

It conducted three other similar sales for 7-Eleven Inc.

Earlier this year, the company listed 72 7-Eleven locations for sale, and only 15 remained unsold as of Wednesday, Suppo said.

A 2013 sale consisting of 135 locations, 77 of which were in Texas, only has one location left.

Any of the 75 locations could be purchased as part of a group or single store, stated a NRC news release.

Bids along with the release of additional market-specific data will begin in June.

Businesses interested in the locations could be looking to expand their current business footprint in a market, expand into a new market or start a business, Suppo said.

“This particular (Killeen) site is being sold with the real estate, which is always a good deal,” Suppo said.

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