LAMPASAS — As Mitchell & Associates Inc. approaches its one-year anniversary since expanding into Lampasas, the owners of the Killeen-based engineering firm are enjoying industry growth and said they are pleased to continue the Lampasas legacy of Goodson Surveyors.

In January, co-owners Bob Mitchell and Mike Kriegel purchased the assets of Goodson Surveyors in Lampasas to expand their services. The company was established many years ago by Jerry Goodson, who died in October 2012, and his family wanted the business to continue.

“Mitchell & Associates has been in business for 38 years,” Kriegel said. “Principally, it started as a land surveying business in Temple, and we migrated into engineering, so we do a mix of commercial and residential subdivision design, municipal projects and a lot of engineering and surveying work at Fort Hood.”

Admired surveyor

Over the years, Kriegel said Goodson became nationally recognized as a surveyor, and they admired the reputation he acquired.

“We knew him (Goodson) and respected him greatly,” Kriegel said. “The family had a desire to keep his business going, so it just worked out he had the ability in both civil engineering and land surveying to come down and run operations here.”

With four employees in the Lampasas office and 26 in Killeen, Mitchell oversees projects from Killeen. Kriegel is at the helm in Lampasas doing what he loves best — land surveying.

“We looked at this as an opportunity to try and expand our market, and I went from a coat and tie to blue jeans and denim shirts,” Kriegel said. “Lampasas is more of a rural atmosphere where we have an opportunity to survey ranches and land not available in Killeen.”

Mitchell said he feels fortunate the company had a chance to expand into Lampasas.

“Mr. Goodson was very involved in the state board of land surveying, was the county surveyor in Lampasas for a number of years and kept meticulous records,” Mitchell said. “So as we looked at expanding, we wanted to have something commensurate with the way we do business ourselves and thought this was a good fit for us.” The Lampasas subsidiary office is at 411 S. Western St. and continues to operate under the name Goodson Surveyors.

“We cover a pretty wide area and continue our operations in Bell, Burnet, Coryell, Falls, Hamilton, Lampasas and Williamson counties,” Kriegel said.

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