CrossFit, a core strength and conditioning program, is now available at 360 Performance in Killeen.

Owner Greg Brown recently expanded services by affiliating his facility with CrossFit and adding CrossFit Killeen to his business name.

“It’s something that I see such a lifestyle change in myself that I knew it would be beneficial for those that are sedentary and bored in the gym,” he said. “It gives them an opportunity to do something they’ve never done before and get out of their comfort zone.”

CrossFit involves an array of exercises with constantly varied functioning movements, Brown said.

“It also brings a fun atmosphere so they are pushed harder with personal coaches, one on one or in a group, to better themselves.”

Gym members, like Killeen resident Michael Hampton, seem to enjoy the camaraderie during CrossFit training. Hampton is retired from the military and works as a safety officer for III Corps at Fort Hood.

“I was constantly going into the gym on and off during those years in the military, and even after I retired, but I was stagnating, and found out that I wasn’t doing bench presses and squats correctly until I came here,” he said.

Thea Mesa of Killeen, a social worker with Child Protective Services, said CrossFit workouts prepare her for a busy day.

“I am on the go all the time, and it helps me build my stamina and keeps my energy up,” she said. “Especially at home, I am a mom and have a career so I have to keep up with my kids and have that energy to go to work and take care of home so I don’t burn out quick.”

Joshua McNary, who has trained at 360 Performance since January, said CrossFit workouts are derived from football workouts.

“There are a lot of similarities involving explosive movements and mixing cardio in,” he said. “Training has been really productive. (Brown) has been solely responsible for getting me back into great football shape.”

An outside linebacker, McNary graduated from West Point in May 2011. A school policy prohibits athletes from pursuing professional sports until they serve two years in the military. McNary’s two years ended this month, and he recently signed on to play professional football for the Indianapolis Colts.

He credits his success to the speed and power he gained from working out at CrossFit Killeen.

“It was all just a super exhilarating experience, and it was definitely one of the moments I will cherish for the rest of my life,” McNary said.

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