Maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit requires eating healthier foods, and that’s what Adam Raison cooks in his new food trailer, I Just Felt Like Cooking, parked at the Potter’s House Christian Fellowship Church parking lot in downtown Killeen.

“It’s a blessing to watch people eat your food and enjoy it,” said Raison, owner and chef, who grew up in the Somalian Islands. “It is not fast-food on wheels, but home-cooked and nutritious food that’s earning thumbs-up from my customers.”

The new, bright-orange trailer with white trim is fully equipped with refrigerators, grill and sink and counter space. Raison serves customers at the front counter and even in their parked cars like an old-fashioned car hop. Coming from a family of 13 children, he learned about “cooking with love” from his mother, Louise Seigafo. She prepares the vegetables and marinates the meats for I Just Felt Like Cooking.

“We’re cooking food that’s worth people’s money and so much better for them to eat,” Seigafo said.

After leaving the Army in 2012, Raison had a difficult time finding work and grew tired of being laid off from contract jobs. A friend gave him the idea of owning a food trailer, so Raison researched the idea and saved his money while attending the culinary arts program at Fort Hood. I Just Felt Like Cooking officially opened May 1.

A strong advocate of the revitalization of downtown Killeen, Raison wants his business to help draw people back to the area.

“Little by little, it is getting nicer, and I hope we can help bring people downtown to enjoy the improvements,” he said.

Currently, his menu consists of various meals with a little taste of the islands, such as chicken teriyaki and Mongolian beef and chicken. As his customer base grows, Raison will add more choices.

Pastor James Rosario of Potter’s House Christian Fellowship Church said Raison is a born leader who does what he believes is right.

“(Raison’s) love for God and people is inspiring,” Rosario said. “He carries that excitement wherever he goes, and we want to support his passion.”

Raison said he’s also on a spiritual mission and will use his food trailer to minister the gospel to his customers.

“It’s important to eat food that tastes good and is good for you, but also food that feeds your soul,” he said.

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