From left, Department of the Army Banking Officer Capt. John Schulke, Fort Hood National Bank Senior Vice President Ron Taylor, CEO Terry Tuggle and U.S. Army E-Commerce Director Juan A. De Jesus.

Courtesy/Fort Hood National Bank

Fort Hood National Bank recently won its 10th Military Bank of the Year Award honoring its service in 2011. It was the fifth time in five years the bank received the honor. The Department of the Army gives the award each year to the financial institution that does the most for the military community.

“It’s really still a thrill to receive this award,” said CEO Terry Tuggle. “It’s not about profitability. It is based on what you are doing for the soldiers.”

“Our motto is we serve those who serve,” he added. “We take that pretty seriously.”

In 2011, Fort Hood National Bank hosted 279 financial literacy programs that were attended by more than 49,000 soldiers. The seminars were established to help soldiers establish healthy financial practices and avoid debt.

“Our Senior Vice President Ron Taylor spoke with over 49,000 soldiers last year about financial education,” said Tuggle. “We try to stay as involved as we can on a civic and civilian basis. Hopefully, the financial education we provide helps those who serve to save money and avoid debt.”

Taylor expounded on what winning the award so consistently says about the bank’s commitment to the military community.

“Giving back to the community is important to our bank, and we take great pride in facilitating the deployment readiness of III Corps and Fort Hood by providing exemplary financial and educational services that have enhanced the financial readiness of thousands of deploying soldiers and their families,” Taylor said. “As a progressive an innovative financial institution, FHNB is committed to improving and enhancing the quality of life of soldiers and their family members here at Fort Hood. Winning the prestigious Department of the Army’s Bank of the Year award five out of the last seven years, and 10 times overall, is unprecedented and indeed a tremendous honor.”

Tuggle summed up the bank’s mission succinctly.

“We have a lot of soldiers who are young and inexperienced and need guidance and counseling,” he said. “We take the time to them the guidance and counseling they need.”

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