Freddy's coming soon

A sign announces Freddy's upcoming new location at the intersection of Knight's Way and Miller's Crossing in Harker Heights. The restaurant chain broke several records in its first month of business in Killeen, moving up expansion plans in the area.

Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers had a franchise record-breaking opening month in December at its Clear Creek location in Killeen.

Now, plans are under way for the franchise to open a second location at the Miller’s Crossing and Knight’s Way intersection in Harker Heights.

“We beat almost every possible record for a Freddy’s opening,” said Clear Creek store manager Todd Fox. “We beat the opening day record. We did not beat the second-day record, but we did beat the opening week record.”

Freddy’s opening day saw lines going from the register through the front door and drive-thru lanes that spilled out of the parking lot.

Freddy’s staff saw similar crowds at lunchtime throughout the restaurant’s first several weeks. Fox said the Clear Creek location did $95,000 in sales in the first week.

Freddy’s owner Keith Alter told the Herald in July he was interested in opening a Freddy’s in Harker Heights.

Alter said Friday that Freddy’s will open several new locations across the country in 2013, but the Killeen-Fort Hood market has definitely grabbed his attention.

He said the Clear Creek numbers make opening the Harker Heights store a priority.

“The strong reception at Clear Creek certainly moved it up the list,” Alter said.

Harker Heights City Manager Steve Carpenter said he expects Freddy’s to play a significant role in the development of the Farm-to-Market 2410 corridor.

“I think our biggest growth corridor going into the future is going to be 2410,” Carpenter said. “It’s important for our development not just now but for the long term. I expect within the next few years, we’ll see a lot of new businesses along 2410.”

Alter did not give a date for the Harker Heights store’s opening, but he hopes to see it happen in the first half of the year.

“But that is subject to a lot of things that can happen in regard to construction,” he said.

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