LAMPASAS — Several hundred people gathered to celebrate the grand opening of the new Stripes convenience store on Thursday afternoon.

The 7,000-square-foot site, at 801 N. Key Ave. in Lampasas, is expected to provide at least 40 jobs for the area and more than $400,000 in tax revenue.

In its first year, a Stripes location is expected to generate somewhere between $5 to $7 million in sales, said Steven C. DeSutter, president and CEO of Stripes who was on site at the grand opening.

Once the store reaches maturity, the store will staff 50 to 70 people.

“The city sees this as a very positive development. Not only servicing the traveling public but also our local residents,” said Finley deGraffenried, Lampasas city manager. “We want to acknowledge and thank Stripes in terms of the utility extinctions. We think it was a win-win to do a long overdue project, plus provide services for some of our utility customers along the way.”

According to Public Works Director Phil Andrews, Stripes pitched in 20 percent of the funding to extend major sewer lines, a water line and an electrical line to the store.

Residential customers were included in this extension along the way.

The project cost was about $40,000. Stripes also donated $1,000 to the Lampasas County Higher Education Center at the grand opening. The money will help fund LCHC’s first-ever scholarship, said Amy McDaniel, chief operations officer for the organization.

“(Stripes) is reasonably priced, and I like everything about it,” said Kenneth Fowler, a driver and mechanic for the Lampasas Independent School District. “I think it benefits truckers big time because they never really had a place where they could come in and park their trucks and eat.”

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