Apple’s slogan “There’s an app for that” was a catchy phrase to coin the boom in digital technology nearly a decade ago, however, there wasn’t an app for grocery shopping at the time.

Today, there are a couple of different apps and services that offer a time-saving approach to grocery shopping. Shipt, one of the app-based services, has joined Instacart and Do My Shopping For Me in the Bell County area.

Instacart made its debut to the Bell County area on March 30. Instacart shops at stores such as, H-E-B, Natural Grocers, Petco and Specs.

Do My Shopping For Me started in 2014 and underwent an overhaul and relaunch at the beginning of this year. It provides shopping services to any store in the Killeen area.

Shipt, launched locally on Aug. 8, and shops exclusively at H-E-B stores in many of the cities within Bell County.

The differences in fees and charges vary per the service being used.

For example, to shop with Shipt, you must sign up as a member and pay a $99 member fee. The membership allows you unlimited deliveries on orders over $35, however, if the order is under $35 then there will be a $7 fee for delivery. In addition, the items available via Shipt are higher in price than what you would find on the shelves of H-E-B.

“On average, members can expect to pay about $5 more on a $35 order through Shipt,” Whitney Jencks, spokesperson for Shipt stated.

Instacart works similarly, however, it does not require customers to sign up for their membership. Every order over $35 will have a delivery charge of $5.99. Customers can choose to sign up for a membership with Instacart that will provide unlimited deliveries on orders over $35 for $149 per year or $14.99 per month. However, Instacart does not mark-up all grocery items.

“Our pricing is frequently the same as in-store. In the cases where it isn’t and there is a markup, we clearly say so and let our customers decide,” said Dacyl Armendariz, an Instacart spokesperson.

Instacart and Shipt worksimilar to the taxi services, Uber and Lyft, which allow you to request and pay for a ride from the app. The shopping services allow you to shop for your groceries and pay for them on their app or website. The shopper will handpick the grocery items as early as one hour before delivery, and then deliver them to a house, business, vacation spot or to friends or family.

To find out if Instacart or Shipt is available in your area, go to or and enter your zip code.

Do My Shopping For Me at, owned by former Marine Caleb Lazard and partner, Latoshia Irick, of Killeen, works differently than Shipt and Instacart. Do My Shopping will go to any store and purchase the item or items requested and do not require pre-payment. Payment is rendered upon delivery of the items and receipt. Lazard said they will use coupons for customers if they request it. All their delivery fees are listed on its website.

Lazard said business has been booming and food is the biggest part of their business.

“I am a former Marine so I look forward to a little friendly competition,” Lazard said, adding her company has been tested alongside Shipt in Dallas and fared well.

Do My Shopping For Me accepts new applicants and each applicant goes through a stringent vetting process.

“Our employees often make up to $100 a day,” Lazard said. To apply visit and click on employment opportunities.

Shipt and Instacart are also accepting new shoppers, their pay rates and positions vary. To learn more about available positions, visit their websites at or

H-E-B and Shipt launched service in May of 2016. With the new and expanded service areas, they expect to serve about 4.6 million households across the state.

H-E-B has more than 380 stores in Texas and Mexico with $23 billion in sales.

“Our longstanding partnership with Shipt continues to give us new opportunities to reach our loyal customers and enable H-E-B groceries to be delivered directly to their homes,” said Paul Tepfenhart, group vice president of Omnichannel Retail for H-E-B. “The expansion with Shipt allows us to provide more H-E-B customers with access to grocery delivery service.”

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