The Central Texas Business Resource Center talked social media and Internet guidance to several Killeen area entrepreneurs at a recurring breakfast.

Social media breakfasts are local networking and personal forums for business owners and entrepreneurs that are taking place nationwide, said Marcus Carr, the resource center’s director. The breakfasts provide a time where participating individuals can discuss what they have been doing to achieve success on the new media platforms.

“It is all about dragging people from behind the computers and out in the public,” Carr said.

Planned for the third Thursday of every month, the group that met Thursday at SJR Donuts in Killeen discussed search engine optimization — the importance of being on the first page of queried results.

“Only 64 percent who research on the Internet go to the next page (of search results),” said Joey Peters, with Townsquare Media. “And 64 percent of your Google ranking is based on your Twitter and Facebook pages.”

Peters was the guest speaker and led the informal discussion on search engine optimization.

Having a website is important to be successful and being found quickly in the vast majority of content out there is even more so, he said.

“Small businesses need to have a big (online) presence,” Peters said.

Peters said there are a lot of companies out there, such as his own, to help businesses reach a top search spot, but it is important that businesses use a company they can trust and rely on.

Aimeé Nesse, a resource center business counselor, said there are free guides for people to use themselves, such as a Google’s handbook, but learning and implementing them take time.

The social media breakfasts have been helpful for learning about different Internet trends and topics, said Anthony Petit, who owns a photography business.

“I sit down and talk and learn,” Petit said.

The social media breakfasts have been going for about four years, but they were on a 10-month break as the resource center reorganized them, Carr said.

With about 20 people showing up at December’s and January’s meetings, Carr hopes the breakfasts grow in popularity, as there is certainly a need.

Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising a business can hope for, but social media follows the same concepts, Peters said.

“What social media does is it takes word of mouth and puts it on steroids,” he said. The online platforms allow people to share things with their friends and family faster, which they can immediately share with others.

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