Black Friday shopping

Stores in the Market Heights shopping center in Harker Heights were buzzing with customers seeking Black Friday specials, often on electronics.

HARKER HEIGHTS — Some folks just can’t resist a good deal, even if it means braving the Black Friday hustle and bustle.

“I’m not usually a Black Friday shopper, but I saw 50 percent off kids’ books so I decided to get out,” said Tesca Michaelson of Temple. Michaelson was perusing the bookshelves of Barnes and Noble in Market Heights on Friday morning looking for the perfect book for her nephews, ages 2 and 5 months.

“So I’m buying indestructible, slobber-proof, rip-proof, 100 percent washable books,” she said with a laugh.

Michaelson lucked out with the relaxed ambiance that morning because the bookseller sees its traffic increase after noon, said the store manager.

“People start coming in after they’ve hit the big stores earlier in the morning,” said Regina Hebert.

Hebert, who opened the store more than 10 years ago, said she was happy with Black Friday business.

“It’s going how we normally trend,” she said. The bookseller offered several other enticements to get folks in the door, including signed books, drink specials, a promotion on Lego products and tons of Harry Potter gifts.

“Since Toys R Us closed, we’ve increased our offerings of toys and games,” Hebert said. The store also has story times and activities for children.

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