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Attention-getting signs abounded throughout Harker Heights on Saturday, with at least 95 garage sales going on around town as part of the community garage sale.

HARKER HEIGHTS — If you noticed a few more garage sale signs on Saturday in Harker Heights, there’s a reason: It was the city’s 8th annual community garage sale.

At least 95 garage sales spanned the length and width of the city, all to support the Harker Heights Parks and Recreation Department. Most sales were at private homes, with a few held by churches as fundraisers, according to Heather Buller, activities director for Harker Heights Parks and Recreation.

David and Yolanda McClure put on their garage sale at the last minute. They said a big part of the reason was to help the city.

“We want to support our city, and parks and recreation does a good job with all the activities they sponsor,” he said. “I’m not trying to make a bunch of money, it’s about giving somebody a good deal, or something they might not be able to afford otherwise.”

David McClure said his plants are always popular with visitors.

“Sometimes he just gives them away,” said Yolanda McClure. “Three was a person looking at a cooking book and he just gave them a bay leaf (herb) plant.”

Plenty of folks combed the city for good deals, including Estefany Olalde of Killeen, who brought her household’s seven children along for the ride.

“They can have one item at every stop, but only if they’re good,” she said. Olade said the experience taught the youngsters a valuable life lesson: you can’t have everything you want.

A friend of the homeowner at that sale said her kids have learned a lot by the experience, as well.

“Earlier I was working with money to show my second-grader, putting his school lessons to good use,” said Daiquiri McClelland of Killeen. “Getting families together like this is a way to share in the chaos.”

McClelland and her friend went all out with their signs, knowing there was a lot competition out there on Saturday.

“Put our junk in your trunk,” one sign said. Another said, “Hey girl, I saw you lookin’.”

They said they had good luck at their sale.

Emily Hilley-Sierzchula is reporter for the Killeen Daily Herald. Reach her at emilys@kdhnews.com

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