HARKER HEIGHTS — Twin Peaks, a mountain lodge-themed restaurant, opened Monday for lunch and dinner after a week of running the kitchen only for the evening dinner crowd.

The restaurant hired 135 people from the local community for its staff, which includes scantily-clad female servers similar to Tilted Kilt and Hooters but with a mountain lodge theme. The servers are called “Lumber-Jills.”

Nancy Meshell, a Harker Heights residents, was neither thrilled nor disappointed about the restaurant locating in the city. She said the outfits and servers at Tilted Kilt haven’t caused problems or “increased crime” in Killeen.

“It is a job opportunity for some people who are looking for work, but if it doesn’t suit your moral climate, don’t go,” she said.

The only issue Twin Peaks may give residents is having to select from another dining option, Meshell said.

“If Twin Peaks’ (business) does go well, then they will stay, but if not, they will pick up and go somewhere else,” said Meshell, admitting she probably wouldn’t visit the restaurant, but she isn’t its target demographic.

Randy Curtis, owner of Heights Lumber who has operated his business since 1977, welcomed the restaurant to Harker Heights. Twin Peaks is his business’ neighbor.

“I would say that (Twin Peaks) would be an asset for the city of Harker Heights,” Curtis said.

The restaurant should add to the city’s economy and tax base, he said.

“I am grateful for any business that comes in and helps with the tax base of Harker Heights,” Curtis said. “It also gives people more of a variety for eating out.”

The new restaurant has the potential to generate more than $4.1 million in taxable sales, according to the restaurant’s website.

“We’re thrilled to have Twin Peaks join the Harker Heights community,” said Kristen Colby, the senior director of marketing of the Dallas-based restaurant franchise. “It’s always exciting to come into a new market, and we can’t wait to introduce locals to everything Twin Peaks has to offer.”

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