With a constant need to hire additional workers, Central Texas College Human Resources Director Holly Jordan knows something about seeking qualified employees.

The college hires about 50 people a month, and has more than 3,200 employees worldwide.

Killeen Daily Herald Business Editor Mason W. Canales talked with Jordan about the importance of hiring qualified employees.

In addition to hiring, Jordan works in everything employee related from compensation to training.

She has worked with the college for 10 years. She has a Bachelor of Arts from Tarleton State University and an Master in Business Administration from Texas State University.

How important is it to hire good and qualified people?

It is imperative to hire good employees. Companies are only as good as their best employees.

Good employees are not only ones that are qualified for the position, but they are hardworking and dependable as well. People who possess these qualities are who (Central Texas College) strives to hire.

What are some of the challenges people face today when hiring employees?

Hiring employees in Central Texas is often like finding a needle in a haystack.

Most employers have many different jobs they are hiring for, all of which require different knowledge, skills and abilities.

Finding a person with the perfect match of education, experience, knowledge, skills and abilities is very challenging.

Salaries in Central Texas are often lower than larger Texas cities.

Do you have any suggestions on how employers should limit a positions candidate pool?

In human resources, we often try to expand the candidate pool versus limit it.

If an employer did need to limit the pool, the easiest way to do this would be to tailor the minimum requirements to fit the job.

The employer could screen out applicants that did not possess the minimum education and experience. For example, if hiring for an accountant, require accounting experience and a degree in accounting versus considering applicants with general clerical experience and a general degree.

What are some of the best assets an employee should have and why?

The most effective employees typically have a strong commitment to performing their job tasks accurately and on time. They are dedicated to the company and have a strong desire to excel.

Employees that have strong critical thinking, communication and team work skills often excel, too.

These traits foster productivity and teamwork and if encouraged will permeate throughout the organization.

What are some bad characteristics of potential candidates that employers should look out for and why?

Employers should watch out for candidates who falsify or omit information on a resume or application. An applicant that is not truthful in the hiring process is likely to not be truthful in the job.

Candidates who stay in jobs for only a few months at a time or candidates who have gaps in employment that cannot be explained should also be closely reviewed.

References should always be checked. Many employers no longer provide detailed reference information, but it is still highly encouraged for hiring supervisors to check references of applicants.

It is important to spend time on the front end of the hiring process before individuals are interviewed or hired versus after applicants start work.

Contact Mason W. Canales at ​mcanales@kdhnews.com or (254) 501-7474

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