Evolve 24 Hour Fitness Center owner Rhonda Cockrell and general manager Mark Gonzalez demonstrate the ease of scheduling a virtual workout with their state-of-the-art Fitness on Request machine.

LAMPASAS — The quick progress of construction on Lampasas’ south side of town next to Alfredo’s Restaurant is complete, and the red rock building is now home to the new Evolve 24 Hour Fitness Center.

Evolve, a full-service health and fitness facility, opened its doors April 1, and features equipment and cutting-edge technology.

“One of the things we did in designing the facility was ask our future members what kind of equipment and workouts they wanted,” said owner Rhonda Cockrell.

“So, most of what we offer was requested to maximize the fitness levels for everyone.”

Cockrell added many unique features at Evolve such as the Fitness-on-Request program.

“It’s been a big hit,” Cockrell said. “It allows our members to work out individually, or with a group, in an enclosed studio with a drop-down screen. There are more than 50 workout programs to choose from, including dance, aerobics, weight lifting, etc.”

The center also provides private fitness instruction, live and virtual classes, an outdoor “Venice Beach” workout area and massage therapy. Two racquetball courts will open in a few weeks.

As a 24-hour fitness center, Evolve is equipped with a complete surveillance system and dual keypad entry for secure access anytime of the day or night.

Cockrell designed the facility with her husband, Roy Cockrell, a builder with R.C. Construction. The couple added another unique feature to the center: a smoothie bar, which allows members to refuel and recover after their workout.

Evolve’s general manager, Mark Gonzalez, said most people think all it takes to lose weight is a strenuous workout, but in fact, it’s important to replace the glycogen, or stored sugars, the body uses after exercising.

The “good” sugar in the smoothies prevents the body from consuming muscle tissue for energy.

“It’s important to have a well-rounded health regime,” Gonzalez said. “As most fitness experts know, 80 percent of good health is in nutrition, and we serve fresh or dried, all natural fruits in our smoothies. Also, all the water supplied to the facility is on a reverse osmosis system, so it’s pure and tastes great.”

Youngsters ages 10 and older can benefit from Evolve’s children’s fitness area, which features Speed Killz Period, a popular strength training and nutrition program. Classes are taught by the program’s founder, T.J. Garza of Liberty Hill.

Rhonda Cockrell, a Lampasas native, said she is still in awe of what she and her husband accomplished in designing and building the facility in five months.

“This is just my dream job,” she said. “It was a combined effort with my husband and something we did for Lampasas. I have always loved fitness, and I love working with people.”

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