Black Friday shopping in Killeen was busy, but not to the maddening scale of years past, local shoppers said on Friday.

With some stores opening Thursday and many retails offering the same deals online, Black Friday didn’t seem to carry the same chaos as it did years ago, according to Killeen shoppers.

“I think it’s because everything is just so convenient now. I think it’s the online and free shipping,” said Stephanie Tuma, regarding this year’s more approachable Black Friday experience.

On Friday, she was shopping at Bath and Body Works in Killeen, capitalizing on the store’s “buy 3 get 3” sale.

“We went to Walmart (Thursday) night, and they had it all organized. When I went like seven years ago, it was just people fighting over stuff,” Tuma said.

Black Friday parking lots were occupied but not to capacity at area shopping centers.

Customers around the Best Buy in Killeen could be seen carrying large TV boxes to their cars and many leaving the Killeen Mall had bags in hand.

Some Killeen shoppers said Thursday was exceptionally busy in a few stores. More than 300 were lined up outside JCPenney in the Killeen Mall for that store’s opening at 2 p.m. Thursday.

Best Buy, Kohl’s and Target opened up at 5 p.m. Thursday, and then reopened after 7 a.m. Friday.

“Pretty much. You know, the prices like on Black Friday, they give you 50 percent off,” said Killeen shopper Linda Butler, when asked if Black Friday sales really mean big savings.

Butler bought a purse for herself and a friend, and though not a regular Black Friday shopper, took the opportunity to go out on Friday.

However, she’s convinced she didn’t really need to leave the house in order to find the good deals.

“The Black Friday sales online are the same as in the store,” Butler said.

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