Chem plant MGC

In these aerial photos on Wednesday, the MGC Chemical Plant maintains operations following its grand opening at 4500 Roy J. Smith Drive in Killeen.

The Killeen Economic Development Corporation gave the Killeen City Council a quarterly update earlier this week, highlighted a chemical plant opening and other recent business developments.

The presentation at Tuesday’s City Council meeting, led by KEDC board President Charlie Watts, highlighted several businesses that collaborate with KEDC.

Watts said the presentation spotlighted “on projects which we have focused on during the first quarter of 2019, specifically at Killeen Business Park.”

MGC Pure Chemicals America Inc. (MPCA) was first to be discussed during the report. The 4500 Roy J. Smith Drive location, which produces super-pure hydrogen peroxide, officially opened March 15.

Watts stated the plant’s production has begun and “continues to exceed the company’s expectations.”

“All of the production capacity at this plant has been sold … closing documents to transfer land to MPCA using a promissory note has been executed. This project will result in a minimum capital investment of $23.1 million and the creation of 28 jobs with an average annual salary of $66,000,” Watts said.

Councilman Steve Harris inquired on how many of those jobs were going to Killeen citizens.

Watts responded that at the time of the presentation he didn’t have “solid numbers,” but he would have someone send them to Harris.

Two businesses that KEDC will continue to cooperate this year with is Blackboard, Inc. and First National Bank, through leasing contracts.

Blackboard, according to Watts, signed a new three-year lease in exchange of seven new air-conditioning units and a re-engineered duct system, among other agreement terms.

The project cost KEDC approximately $276,000.

Raytheon, a major U.S. defense contractor and industrial corporation, once leased a 18,000-square foot space at the business park. Its contract has since ended and the company vacated the premises in January.

“Our staff is making the building ready currently, and showing the space to new tenants,” Watts said.

Watts stated that the Killeen Business Park is at 88.4 percent occupancy and “with MPCA and Z Modular additions will open the door for us to compete with additional suppliers in semiconductor and manufacture industries.”

KEDC is a corporation which acts “on behalf of the City of Killeen in the promotion and development of commercial, industrial and manufacturing enterprises and to promote and encourage employment and public welfare,” according to its website.

Killeen Mayor Jose Segarra and councilmembers Shirley Fleming and Jim Kilpatrick are part of KEDC’s board of directors.

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