Killeen EDC to pay $750K to attract 175 jobs

A building sitting at the corner of Eighth Street and Avenue D will serve as the new Solix offices in Killeen. The business could bring up to 175 jobs to downtown Killeen.

The Killeen Economic Development Corporation approved an agreement costing about $750,000 that may result in 175 jobs being added to downtown Killeen.

The agreement between the corporation and Solix, a company based in Parsippany, N.J., states the company will locate a call center operation at 402 E. Avenue D.

Solix provides qualification program management and customer care services to government, telecommunication, broadband, utility and health care organizations.

“Solix’s presence will serve as a catalyst for continued growth downtown,” said Killeen City Manager Glenn Morrison, who is also a member of the corporation. “And the creation of new jobs will be a great benefit to our local economy.”

According to the agreement, the corporation will pay about $300,000 to extend the downtown roadway renovations from Eighth Street to 10th Street to encompass the building’s block.

The corporation also will pay $14,000 to renovate the building’s parking lot. Another $38,400 from the corporation will be allocated to rent parking spaces for the company for the next four years. The Killeen EDC also will fund $5,000 to improve the building’s signage.

“The streetscaping project cuts off right at their building,” said John Crutchfield, secretary for the Killeen EDC. “And that made sense because we want to offer that (beautification) to other people in the area.”

Solix also will make improvements to the site, according to the agreement. Within its first year of leasing the building, it will have to make $550,000 worth of capital investment to the building. During a five-year period, it will need to invest more than $1 million in the property.

The corporation also will pay $2,000 for every full-time employee that Solix hires up to 100, the agreement stated. The figure increases to $2,500 after its reaches more than 100. Payments for creating the jobs stop at $387,000.

To receive the job creation funds, Solix must hire at least 60 people in its first year, 30 people the next three years and 25 people in its fifth year. The pay is based on the position, not an individual employee.

“We define full-time employees as someone who works 40 hours a week for 52 weeks a year,” Crutchfield said.

The agreement helped the business locate operations in Killeen, said Solix’s CEO Jack Miller said in a news release.

“After conducting a search and reviewing several opportunities throughout the state, Killeen offered a facility and a partnership that will help us serve our customers well, build our business in Texas and provide employees with a modern, refurbished workplace,” Miller said. “Solix looks forward to becoming an active member of the Killeen community.” | 254-501-7554

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Will these new jobs pay above minimum wage?


Hello Viktor,

According to the Performance Agreement, Solix will pay it's employees an average of approximately a little more than $12 an hour which is well above the $7.25 Texas minimum wage.

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