Topaz Dentistry opened two new locations simultaneously in Killeen on Jan. 29.

Killeen recently had something to smile about.

Topaz Dentistry, a kids-focused family dental practice, opened two new locations simultaneously in Killeen on Jan. 29. The dentistries are located on Lowes Boulevard and South W.S. Young Drive and seeks to provide high-quality dental care to Killeen families, increase community involvement in education and to spread awareness of the benefits of oral care.

“Killeen is a beautiful town with a great history and a thriving community. Where there are families, there must be dental care. It’s our privilege to provide it,” said Sireesha Moola, one of the dentists at Topaz to Killeen.

Opening two locations that serve customizable plans makes it more convenient for those in Killeen to have access to dental services, the company said. Topaz has also expanded office hours for better appointment times, according to the company.

Good dental hygiene and regular dental visits are effective ways to prevent dental diseases as well as necessary for identifying oral conditions that could escalate in both oral pain and cost. For example, neglecting basic teeth brushing can result in plaque that eventually becomes gum disease, then possibly periodontal disease that eats away at tissue and bone.

Neglecting your dental hygiene can cause also cause immense problems in the future and be very expensive to correct, Moola said.

The dentist said those who start on a path of diligent dental hygiene and schedule regular visits to the dentist early on, will be far less likely to encounter painful and debilitating conditions down the road caused by a lack of dental care.

“The topic of health care is often debated in this country, but dental care is usually not front and center. We believe it should be. The mouth is a very important part of the body and its health is critical in the overall health of any person,” Moola said.

The American Dental Association encourages parents to bring their kids in to visit a dentist as soon as teeth begin to appear.

A tip that Moola offered for kids — especially younger ones — first visiting a dentist is to reassure their children that the dentist is there to help.

For more information, please visit

If you go:

Topaz Dentistry, 1100 Lowes Blvd., Killeen.

Topaz Dentistry & Braces, 2200 S. W.S. Young Drive, Killeen.

Topaz Dentistry offices in Killeen have immediate appointments available for children and adults. To schedule an appointment, please visit:, call 254-262-3345 or email:

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