Cotton post

A Facebook post from a Killeen woman complaining about a cotton decoration at Hobby Lobby has gone viral.

Daniell Rider, the Killeen woman whose Facebook post complaining about a cotton decoration at Hobby Lobby, is now telling her side of the story.

Daniell Rider

Daniell Rider

Rider posted a picture of Hobby Lobby cotton decoration on Hobby Lobby’s Facebook page Sept. 14 saying, “This decor is WRONG on SO many levels,” and requested the ”décor” be removed from the store.

Rider, 38, said she shops at Hobby Lobby because she loves crafting, but had never seen the raw cotton displayed as a decoration.

“It shocked me,” she said Wednesday. “I was just taken aback by it because I had never seen it before.”

Rider said she at first posted the picture of the cotton on her personal Facebook page.

“Then, the more I thought about it, I thought, well I’m a consumer and it’s a décor that I don’t agree with,” Rider said about her decision to also put the post on Hobby Lobby’s Facebook page, where it went viral.

By Thursday, it had about 295,000 comments, 106,000 reactions such as likes, and more than 22,000 shares.

On Friday, she started getting rude posts on her Facebook page and her messenger inbox exploded with comments.

“I started to try to respond to a few of them, but then I realized that people weren’t wanting to have a conversation about it; they were just wanting to tell me how they feel, as mean as possible,” Rider said.

Rider said she has received death threats from people on social media, and many called her a racial slur. Rider said she has read and re-read her post to see where she offended a specific person or race and did not find anything.

“I didn’t attack anyone, I sent a message as a consumer to a retailer,” she said.

Rider, a mother of two with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, said some things can evoke a negative feeling in one person and a positive one in another.

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Sometimes it is OK to agree to disagree, but division comes through hate,” Rider said, adding she was still kind to everyone who sent her hate mail.

An active member in the Killeen community, Rider said “I love my community. I love life and am a very bubbly, happy person.”

She is working on finishing her master’s degree in curriculum and instruction with an emphasis on science, technology, engineering, art and math. She works with disadvantaged area youth through an organization she founded — Let’s DREAM Big.

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Amazed at what goes on

This is a joke, right? This is truly laughable. Blacks aren't the only people that picked cotton. So what's next, she is going to want stores to remove clothing made of cotton, change the name of Cotton candy, etc. For her information, slaves also milked cows (so let's get rid of milk in grocery stores), built houses and barns (nope -- no more lumber or nails), worked as domestics (get rid of all children), and on and on and on. With everything going on around us these days, this is the sharp stick she chooses to throw herself down upon? It must be absolute hell being this person. Hard to take someone like this seriously.


This is absolutely laughable. I also visit Hobby Lobby frequently and if I were to raise a fuss over every arrangement and display that did not agree with me, I would not have time for anything else. Complaining about Cotton? God put Cotton on this earth and this seems to be an attempt to draw attention to her and her hidden agenda. Please keep the mess out of Killeen


Please tell Me why You chose to go a social media route rather than contacting Hobby Lobby about the concerns You had/have?
No ma'am You decided because You didn't like it or probably more likely You seen another avenue to prostate the hated that is boiling these days.
You said to Yourself looky here oh boy a chance to start a hateful movement and it's all about nothing. Nothing no substance, no political view, just a concept that You can get 5 minutes of fame and everybody has to accept it.


If she doesn't like cotton that's fine, don't buy any. If somebody else does like that store display and thinks it has a place in their home it's none of her business. The biggest question here, that everybody seems to be overlooking, is what, in their wildest hallucinations, made reporters think this was news?
The press is the real culprit here.
Why don't you people in the press cover stories that are newsworthy because covering this childish, selfish, lunacy is a waste of your time and an insult to your readers!


The population of the U S is approximately 330 million people and you have one person in Killeen ,Texas complain, you figure it out. There are things going in this country that I don't like and support but you have to let them all play out. The next item she will complain about is milk ,or white trucks, see where this is going . You can't appease all 330 million people in the U S. Get over it.

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