After Killeen resident James Hitt suffered several heart attacks, he was left oxygen-dependent and carrying an oxygen tank. Due to his physical challenges, yard work and pest control became tiresome and difficult.

Enter Charles Walker, owner of CW Pest and Lawn Service.

The two men met about five years ago when Hitt noticed Walker mowing a neighbor’s lawn. Since then, Hitt has become a loyal customer of the locally owned lawn and pest control company.

“They do a good job all the time,” Hitt said. “They’ve been doing the yard for me since I got to a point that I couldn’t mow my own yard.”

Walker launched his business around the same time he met Hitt. But his journey to entrepreneurship started in the mid-1990s, after he served in the Navy for 10 years.

“When I got out of the military in 1996, I went into a landscaping service company and was the operations manager,” he said.

Walker expanded his expertise by working in pest and termite control before starting his own business with the help of his wife, Laura, and his stepson, Justin Nash.

“It was just something for my family and me to do,” he said. “I enjoy working outdoors and working with the customers.”

Laura Nash, a teacher at Timber Ridge Elementary, has been an educator for 29 years. She said the manual labor of yard work was difficult and something to get used to.

“I usually push the lawn mower, and I help out where he needs me to,” she said. “It’s really his dream and I am just supporting him, but I enjoy being outside and getting the exercise.”

CW Pest and Lawn services about 20 lawns every weekend and at least two per day during the week. Justin Nash pitches in to help whenever his stepdad gets swamped.

“I help my stepdad finish the lawns if he has a lot of properties to take care of over the weekend,” he said. “I’m a bit younger so I can help get the job done quicker.”


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