If you ate at the McDonald’s 1105 S. Fort Hood St. in Killeen on Thursday, you may have noticed the McDonald’s logo on the digitized sign, the drink cup, fry box and food bag were all upside down.

McDonald’s temporarily flipped its famous Golden Arches to look like a “W” — a move it says is made to recognize International Women’s Day.

The Fort Hood Street McDonald’s was one of 100 women-owned stores nationwide selected by the chain to participate in International Women’s Day, which not only included the special food packaging, but also shirts and hats for the employees at that store for the special day.

Local owner-operator Lynette Conlan, a Lampasas resident, was one the 100 women owners honored, and only one of four in Texas. She was joined by her husband, Hampton, at the store’s celebration, where she had invited the female general managers and supervisors from her eight stores to join her for lunch and to honor them.

She said she was “very excited” about being honored, but would not take credit on her own.

“In McDonald’s, you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself,” she said.

Conlan said she wouldn’t have her success without her “crew, customers, and the community.”

Originally from Waco, Conlan attended Southwest Texas State University where she earned a degree in English and a teaching certification. She and her husband went into the dry cleaning business for a time, and from there, after much research, took an interest in McDonald’s.

“Their training and support at the corporate level is absolutely unmatched,” she said.

Conlan underwent a very intensive, two-year training, followed by management courses at McDonald’s Hamburger University, and was approved to buy the Lampasas store 13 years ago. Today, she owns eight stores in Killeen, Lampasas and Gatesville, with Lampasas being her family’s home base.

For her shared celebration at the Fort Hood Street store, she had decorated the restaurant with red tablecloths and yellow balloons, and provided cake and flower arrangements for her guests to show her appreciation for them.

“I really strive to tell every single person ‘thank you for what you do,’” she said.

McDonald’s also says six out of 10 of its restaurant managers are women and it wanted to honor their accomplishments.

The company, based in Oak Brook, Illinois, says it’s the first time it has flipped its Golden Arches logo since it first appeared at a restaurant six decades ago.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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