As summer approaches, many students seek to use their time out of school productively; gaining employment experience and making some money.

Several local resources can help students find the perfect job for the summer; or in some cases to continue employment part-time throughout the school year, according to Charley Ayres, director of industry and education partnerships at Workforce Solutions of Central Texas.

“Jobs are available in almost every industry sector in Central Texas,” Ayres said. “Two of the fastest growing are hospitality and food service. A job seeker’s best strategy is to stop by our career center and visit with a workforce specialist to determine what is available and what is the best fit.”

Specialists in the Killeen Career Center at 300 Cheyenne Drive offer free assistance to those looking for work, Ayres said, and those experts are well trained to help find the right fit for potential employees and employers.

A good opportunity for many youth and young adults who are looking for work experience is the “Taking Flight Program,” Ayres said.

For more information about this Killeen program, contact Tammy Hill at 254-200-2207.

“The program does more than just find the individual a job it teaches how to complete a job application, market yourself and talents to businesses, and ace an interview,” Ayres said. “It provides youth and young adults with support and services beginning with learning about various occupations and their ‘fit’ with the individual’s unique skills and interests.”

The program also offers support to achieve the education needed to accomplish goals, opportunities for skills training, and bringing it all together with a good job to start a career or earn money while attending college to complete a degree, he said.

When applying for summer jobs, Ayres said students should use all the available resources.

Jobs are frequently posted digitally, online, but students can also find job postings in person at storefronts they regularly visit or in publications such as the newspaper and some magazines, he said.

Summer jobs, part-time and full-time positions available through the city are listed online at The website also has a tab for individuals to request a notification if a particular type of job opens up.

But some resources for finding the perfect job are even closer to home, Ayres said.

“Relationships are key,” Ayres said. “Build your network, friends of the family, classmates.”

Once the research and preparation are complete, Ayres said confidence is key to landing a summer job.

“Be confident, energetic and positive when interviewing with an employer,” Ayres said. “Remember the world belongs to those who show up and show out.”

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