Steve Sheamer, left, a Killeen resident and Mary Ann Sheamer, center, a Killeen resident, talk with Grabbagreen Food and Juice in Killeen owner Lisa Kelly, right, about nutrition during the lunch and learn your way to health event at Grabbagreen in Killeen Jan. 19, 2019. 

A healthy food restaurant in Killeen held its first lunch-and-learn event recently at Grabbagreen Food and Juice in Killeen.

The free “Lunch, Learn and Taste” event, held Jan. 19, was an opportunity for the local community to stop by and have nutrition questions answered while sampling some of Grabbgreen’s menu items, organizers said.

“We had a packed house,” said Lisa Kelly, the owner of the Grabbagreen at 2802 W Stan Schlueter Loop. “We were able to answer so many questions for so many different people and provide them with answers and direction. We have always felt that whether or not our events attract one person or 1,000 people if we can help educate just one more person in the community then the event was a success.”

During the event, health enthusiasts as well as dietitians were available to answer nutrition questions.

Michael Jackel, a Killeen resident, was at the event to answer questions about veganism.

Jackel, who switched to veganism in the summer of 2017, was there to encourage others to make the decision to choose whatever lifestyle they were comfortable with.

“Don’t be afraid to try something,” Jackel said. “Don’t let others discourage you. That was one of my biggest obstacles when I decided to switch.”

Those who attended the event were also able to sample menu items that fit with the lifestyle of their choice.

“I like the mango bowls and the make-your-own smoothies,” said Sarah Gardner, a Killeen resident. “The food here is fresh and healthy.”

Grabbagreen Food and Juice offers meat options as well.

Since Grabbagreen opened in September of 2016, Kelly, who is also a registered nurse, has been passionate about creating a healthier community.

“Our passion is rooted in the belief that a healthy community is a happy community and that we can make the world better one healthier choice at a time. Health is individual and looks different on everyone, but the one thing universal is that health spills over into everything; our relationships, our occupations and our community all the way around, “Kelly said. “We have a responsibility to the soldiers, veterans, their families and especially their children, as well as the community that supports them all to take care of one another and improve the quality of everyone’s life through healthy options and education.”

Grabbagreen of Killeen co-owner Doni Engel echoed Kelly’s sentiments.

“Living a healthy lifestyle is our passion,” Engel said. “We want to show the community a new way of life. It is not about dieting — it is a lifestyle.”

For more information about upcoming events at Grabbagreen in Killeen, like the Grabbagreen Food + Juice Facebook page.

“The lunch-and-learn series was designed as a free information series to the community that would cover some of the frequently asked questions we hear from customers throughout the year,” Kelly said. “This series is strictly community driven and will include seasonal clean eating tips, recipe preparation, and other success tips for a healthy lifestyle. We believe everyone in the community has the right to learn about a healthy lifestyle and that this knowledge should come free of charge.”

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