A Killeen Mazda dealership is now closed.

Roger Beasley Mazda, 4301 E Stan Schlueter Loop, closed on Saturday. The dealership is merging with the Mazda dealership in Georgetown.

“Sixty percent of the Mazdas sold in this market were coming out of our Georgetown store anyway,” General Manager of Roger Beasley Killeen, Bruce Ballard said. “It seemed that a lot of people in this market were going to the Georgetown, Round Rock area to shop for cars,” Ballard said.

There are only two Honda stores and only two Subaru stores between Killeen, Temple and Waco but there were three Mazda stores, Ballard said. “So in order to try and create a healthier environment for the dealers in Temple and Waco, we made an agreement to go ahead and dissolve this point completely and merge it with our Georgetown store,” Ballard said.

The car industry is moving to more digital and is relying less on brick and mortar stores, according to Ballard. “People buy cars online and have them delivered to their door. We can still do the same thing out of our Georgetown store in this market.”

The dealership in Killeen was running flat and not making enough money to substantiate the dealership, according to Ballard. The dealership stayed stagnant the whole time it was owned by Mazda.

Roger Beasley Mazda is now taking care of its Killeen-area customers at the Georgetown location. Visit mazdageorgetown.com for sales and services.

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