The lighting of the new Advent Health sign at the old Metroplex hospital campus signifies a new day for healthcare, according to Kevin Roberts, President and CEO of Advent Health Central Texas — the new name for what is formally known as Metroplex Hospital in Killeen.

The hospital will become more streamlined and efficient in its hiring and training processes and reflect a cohesive mission to its patients, Roberts said.

“We are here to make the community feel whole,” Roberts said. “And to extend the healing ministry of Christ to everyone who comes through our doors.”

The change represents four years of planning and hard work, said Erin Riley, public relations and marketing manager at Advent Health in Killeen.

Initially, the 50 hospital branches owned by Florida-based Altamonte Springs Company across 10 states were all branded differently, and it was unclear that they were all affiliated.

“We want people to know they can expect a high quality of care at all our facilities,” Riley said.

When a patient is traveling in another state — or just to the neighboring campus in Lampasas, each location will be able to view patient records and easily communicate with physicians from other locations.

Cohesive communication when it comes to patient records is not the only benefit, Riley said. On a business level, presenting as one company allows for ease in billing and buying power when acquiring new equipment or other entities.

As they prepared for the sign-lighting ceremony, employees removed the “buddy badges” with the hospital’s old name leaving their new Advent Health badges.

The main sign, and employee badges changed Wednesday, but other physical changes will continue to imerge throughout the year.

“We’re anticipating new uniforms for the staff which will be rolling out in the next three to four months,” Riley said.

Altamonte Springs Company employs more than 80,000 people, including the 1,000 employees, more than 300 doctors and 170 volunteers at the Killeen campus.

It is expected to take six months to implement all the visual changes across all branches, Riley said.

The new CEO of about three months and the new brand are reflective of hopeful growth and opportunity for the hospital in 2019 and beyond, she said.

On a practical level the hospital plans to acquire two new pieces of imaging equipment in the coming year.

“New growth isn’t just tied to the new brand, we’re always pursuing services that help us better serve central Texas,” Riley said.

The hospital is in the beginning stages of launching a new wellness center to help patients live the fullest, healthiest lives that God intended them to live, she said.

The rebranding will make a statement about the larger mission of the hospital, Riley also stated.

“It makes people aware that we are not just Metroplex: the small community hospital,” Riley said. “We are a part of a nationwide network.”

Although they embrace their affiliation with the Seventh Day Adventist denomination, Advent Health does not attempt to exclude people with different beliefs or backgrounds, she said.

New Advent Health signs illuminated the sky at all Altamonte Springs Company hospitals across the country. The sign was lit at the Advent Health Rollins Brook location in Lampasas at dusk.

The mission of the hospital is to make patients “feel whole,” by making them feel loved and safe, making healthcare easy and accessible and taking ownership of the care provided, Riley said.

“All of the employees here are where we choose to be, this is what our calling is,” she said. “We own the work we do and we want our actions to reflect that to the community and to our patients.”

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