As a military spouse, Jessica Ochoa has experienced the transition of moving to a new duty station and trying to settle into a new home. That’s what inspired her to open Fort Hood Relocation, a one-stop shop dedicated to making those transitions easier.

“I wanted to open a business where people could come and get all their start up needs met at no cost to them, often saving them hundreds of dollars,” Ochoa said.

Fort Hood Relocation, which opened May 23, offers many services free of charge to clients, including setting up utilities and locating furniture and appliances. Ochoa also provides information on employment, child care, homes for rent or sale, security systems, schools and vehicles.

Marketing Director Theadoshea Eleftheria said they want to give back to the soldiers and community members.

“We offer everything you need here,” Eleftheria said. “Our motto is we help everyone unconditionally. We can help find day care for your children or a job if you need one. One homeless guy came in here, and we had a job for him within a week.”

Business helps find clients a place to live

For people who relocate to Killeen, Fort Hood Relocation can help find houses or apartments for rent or sale and then get all the utilities connected.

“Once you find your house or rental, we can get your utilities turned on with no deposit for those who qualify, all from our office without having to go downtown (to the municipal offices),” Eleftheria said.

“We have a good working relationship with the utility companies.”

Eleftheria and Ochoa said their business has one goal — to help make their clients’ lives easier. They don’t charge for their services, as they operate on referral fees earned from the companies they connect with clients.

Ochoa said her husband plans to retire in the Killeen area.

“We plan on growing our business here to help give back to the soldiers who’ve given so much to our nation,” Ochoa said.

“We serve everyone, military and civilian.”

Herald/ Kathryn Leisinger

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