People are more likely to forget their wallets than their phones at home.

“If I leave my house in the morning and I leave my wallet it’s OK, I won’t eat lunch that day. But if I leave my phone, I will turn around and get it,” said Ashley Liburdi, AT&T business account executive in Central Texas.

With a new reality of consumers who want instant access to information while on the go, businesses are changing strategies for reaching potential customers, turning to mobile marketing.

“Mobile marketing is extremely important because everyone has their phones with them,” Liburdi said. “Businesses have to make sure that they are hitting the best marketing outlets available.”

She noted that most of the day, people are surfing the Internet from their phones.

About 60 percent of Web browsing and shopping are done through a mobile device such as a tablet, iPad or smartphone.

“If you are not grabbing a piece of the mobile marketing outlet, whether it be marketing on the Web, short codes, text messaging or QR codes, then you are really missing out on a larger audience,” said Liburdi.

In the Killeen area, word of mouth is still one of the best marketing tools, but local businesses are seeking the latest technology.

“Killeen has gotten better as compared to five years ago,” said Adbul B. Subhani, managing partner for Centex Technologies.

“Clients were not looking into mobile marketing as an option. But now, as we are seeing, the trend in the market is getting better, and people are getting familiar with these alternatives.”

He noticed that in the last three or four years, trends have changed significantly.

“When we talk more about mobile marketing more people are seeing it at a national level and more are jumping on the trend,” said Liburdi. “This area is very receptive to technology and marketing advancements.”

She added that it’s great to help businesses enhance their image and make them more profitable, which is their bottom line.

Subhani said some important strategies his company introduces to and works on with clients are mobile applications, mobile Web pages and search engine optimization.

Mobile Web pages are a lot better to navigate if searching from a mobile device. He explains that instead of seeing the full blown website, Web users will be able to see the modified version, which is better to use from a smartphone.

As for search engine optimization, “If a mobile user is searching, for example an Italian restaurant, on Google the business that is using search engine optimization will show up on the first page,” explained Subhani.

“This will have the business contact information and telephone number, which you can click on if you wanted to call instead of typing the number,” he said.

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In recent time Mobile Marketing play important role in business world.


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