University Village is the first development in Killeen’s university zoning district and should be ready to build multifamily homes next month.

“We knew it was a good location,” said Jamie Herring, a developer and builder with the Reese Creek Group. “We knew (Texas) A&M was coming out here. ... We are going to make this very, very nice.”

The Reese Creek Group developed 14 acres off Reese Creek Road in a 53-lot subdivision with room for 36 duplexes and 17 townhouses.

The site provides a view of the Texas A&M University-Central Texas campus, from which the Reese Creek Group hopes to obtain some of its future residents.

As a residential development, the Reese Creek Group received a conditional-use permit to construct its housing area. It was issued Aug. 28, 2012, said Tony McIlwain, Killeen city planner.

The university district, which was established in 2006, allows for low-impact retail and businesses that would complement the nearby university, McIlwain said. Such businesses would include cafes, movie theaters, bowling alleys, banks and more.

It also allows for mixed-use development, which incorporates businesses and residents in the same space.

Purely residential neighborhoods, such as this development, are only allowed by conditional use, he said. “It allows the council to put in additional, reasonable safeguards (on the property) that they think will be beneficial to the city and the university.”

The concept behind University Village is “progressive” and fits into the purview of why the conditional permit process was suggested for the district, McIlwain said.

“I think it is a good start,” he said. “As the area matures, we are going to see various degrees of development proposals. We hope to see more efforts out there that are thoughtful and progressive.”

The duplexes and townhouses on the site will have a student housing feel, said Scott Vernon, a member of the Reese Creek Group. Each duplex will have three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

The two-story townhouses will have four bedrooms and feature zero-lot lines.

“Just the proximity lends itself to university students and families,” Vernon said. The site also could accommodate Fort Hood families.

The Reese Creek Group plans to maintain the grounds of the neighborhood to keep the area attractive.

It also will manage and lease a majority of the duplexes itself.

The townhouses and 14 of the duplex properties will be for sale, but the rest will be operated by the group, Herring said.

Facades for the buildings are more upscale, having a Tuscan or rustic theme to give the neighborhood a sense of community, Herring said.

“We want to make it so nice that people want to live out here,” Herring said.

If building starts on April 1, 22 duplexes could be completed within six months.

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