Residents can enjoy a free car wash through Sunday at the newest Mister Car Wash location in Killeen.

“We are getting to know our customers and are giving away our top package so people can experience what the wash will do for their vehicle,” said Dave Miller, regional manager for Mister Car Wash.

The car wash’s grand opening weekend, which started Friday, includes three days of free Platinum express car washes and car care kits to the first 300 customers who visit each day until 7 p.m. on Sunday.

“We are also trying to give a little bit of information about our products to our costumers so they actually understand what they are purchasing and what the car wash does for their vehicle,” said Miller.

The new car wash is located at 3402 W Stan Schlueter Loop in Killeen in front of the Walmart Supercenter and operates from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day of the week.

“This is actually now the longest tunnel in Central Texas,” Miller said.

Contrary to many other car washes, Mister Car Wash band develops their own products within their researching developing team.

“A lot of time and effort is going into testing and tuning the products to make sure that we are putting out the best possible car wash we can,” Miller said.

The newest Mister Car Wash location offers its customers a variety of packages for their vehicles. While the express location does not offer inside cleaning services, customers can use free vacuum stations as well as a vending area with car care products to touch up their vehicles after the wash.

Customer Angel Clay enjoyed the free car wash and the detailed product information from the service team.

“It’s great,” she said. “Sometimes I feel rushed at the car wash but not here.”

Customers who want to use full inside cleaning services can visit one of the other Mister Car Wash locations on Fort Hood and on Veterans Memorial Boulevard in Killeen.

“The locations are very convenient,” Clay said. “Now there is one on either side of town.”

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