Complete Nutrition

From left, area manager Reid Lancaster and store managers Justin Aslett and Kyle Linch are seen at the Complete Nutrition store in Killeen.

Jaime Villanueva

By April Lawrence Grant

Herald correspondent

Nutritional retail store Complete Nutrition is bringing its healthy philosophy to the Killeen area with a new location on Trimmier Road.

The store held a grand opening celebration Friday morning.

“It will be exciting,” said Carson Stratman, franchise owner. “We’ve got a lot of great products, and it’ll be a fun day in the store with a fun atmosphere.”

Stratman has strived to make the store friendly and inviting.

“We want to be the least intimidating store out there, so people can come in and talk with us,” he said.

Being close to Fort Hood, Killeen is a prime location for the growing franchise, which now serves customers in nearly 200 locations across the nation.

“Military members and their families are great customers of ours,” Stratman said. “They’ve really enjoyed our products in the past, so we felt that Killeen was a great market for us.”

Complete Nutrition differs from other health stores through its philosophy of helping customers make smarter lifestyle choices through tailor-made diet and exercise plans and ensuring they hit their goals, Stratman said.

“When customers leave our stores, they’re not just leaving with a bag of supplements but also with expert advice from the guys at the store, which is completely free of charge,” he said.

District manager Reid Lancaster said the franchise’s brand is all about changing lives in a nonthreatening way to keep customers coming back.

“We want people to come into our stores and to give them a giant database of knowledge,” he said. “If that means they need to buy a few products, cool. If not, that’s fine, too, because we just want to help them get results.”

Kyle Lynch, store manager, said everyone has an image of what they want to look like but most don’t think they can achieve it.

“Whether you’re buying products or just need somebody to talk to, that’s what we’re here for,” Lynch said. In a show of gratitude, the store offers a 25 percent discount to all military members and “hometown heroes,” Stratman said.

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Either the previous poster is a competitor or he has never been into the Killeen location. I would recommend the Killeen CN to anyone. I stopped in over the weekend and the people in there were the nicest, most knowledgeable employees I have seen in a nutritional store. Prices were extremely competitive, plus they match prices. I am also in the military and they offer 25% OFF to all millitary members and their families. No one else does that! Not sure what this other guy is talking about but this store is great. Check them out!


this store is an over priced scam. The employees dis products they dont carry, they cary products that are unknown at sky high prices,. My only trip into this store the clerk was obsessed with picking at the hairs on his shaved arms then told me I dont need a product with whey concentrate than proceeded to push another product that contained whey concentrate.

you can get better info, products and prices online at or or even at your local gym.

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