Cove U.S. Highway 190 traffic

Traffic moves along U.S. Highway 190 through Copperas Cove on Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2013.  Once the U.S. 190 bypass is complete, the existing road will be redesignated Business 190.

COPPERAS COVE — Changing the names of U.S. Highway 190 should have little to no effect on businesses and residents located along the roadway.

Once the U.S. 190 bypass is completed and opened for travel, the existing roadway will be redesignated Business 190, said Kevin Keller, a spokesman for the city.

The city conducted its first of three meetings Tuesday to inform area residents and businesses about the name change of the city’s main thoroughfare. None of the affected parties showed up for the meeting.

City Manager Andrea Gardner said the bypass project is anticipated to be completed by March, but with bad weather days, the contractor may continue until June.

The new road, being built by James Construction based in Baton Rouge La., will stretch 5.1 miles and will take traffic from east of Five Hills shopping center to west of Farm-to-Market 2657 by running south of the current highway.

There should be little conflict in businesses receiving their mail after the road is officially redesignated, said Johnny Castro, a U.S. Postal Service spokesman.

The addresses in the postal service’s data base will be automatically updated and businesses and residents can notify personal correspondents at their convenience, stated information from the Cove post office.

“All the leg work that needs to be done has already been done,” Castro said.

Some of the addresses on the roadway are already receiving mail under the Business 190 designation, he said. Mail marked as U.S. Highway 190 will continue to be sent to those businesses that will be on the future Business 190.

Future problems may arise if the city gives the new highway the same block numbers as the old one, which is not encouraged, Castro said.

The largest problem establishments may face is changing their business cards, letterhead and other stationery, Castro said. While there is no need to make an immediate switch of address on those items, the Postal Service is encouraging business do so as they order new materials.

Changes to addresses also shouldn’t affect the city’s 911 information, Keller said. The city and Central Texas Council of Governments will have to update their 911 addressing, but the businesses and people living along the current roadway won’t notice a change.

Gardner said the redesignated road will probably keep the Business 190 designation and not take a third name like Veterans Memorial Boulevard, as Killeen and Harker Heights did when the highway was moved south of its original path.

“I don’t see the council giving it another name, and I don’t plan on bringing one before the council,” she said.

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