For large retailers, Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year.

Local small businesses would like to tap into that revenue. That is why the Central Texas Business Resource Center is stepping up efforts to promote Small Business Saturday this shopping season.

“Small Business Saturday was started by American Express last year to help support the small businesses they serve,” said Marcus Carr, director of the resource center.

“There are so many local stores with so much to offer, it is important people know there are alternatives to the long lines and pressure of Black Friday. And many times people find out that besides the products that are unique to locally owned small businesses, many of them also carry the same things you will find in the big box store.”

Carr said he is agressively pushing the Small Business Saturday concept via Facebook as well as giving out promotional swag designed to promote Small Business Saturday

“I actually just finished putting another post about it up,” said Carr. “The important thing is to share the concept with people. Everybody knows about Black Friday, and Cyber Monday is catching on. But the idea of setting the Saturday after Thanksgiving aside to support locally owned small businesses is new. We are handing out packages to local businesses with doormats letting people know about it. “

Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce CEO/President John Crutcfield said supporting small businesses “provides the most bang for your buck” in regard to supporting the local economy.

“A locally owned and operated small business earns its money in the community,” he said. “As a result, they also spend their money in the community. With the big companies, some of that money trickles out.”

Tamara Freeman, owner of Sweet Eats, has a Small Business Saturday doormat displayed outside her bakery.

“It is good to know the chamber and resource center have our back,” said Freeman. “When you are a small business, you have a very limited budget. Any exposure is good exposure.

“Right now, I am order only, I do not really do a walk-in business,” she added. “But going forward, I want my own walk-in bakery. An annual Small Business Saturday could be a really big deal.”

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