Central Texas small businesses have a new way to develop and manage their online presence.

On Thursday, the Killeen Daily Herald launched KDH Digital Services. The new service will help local businesses manage their online identities in order to increase web traffic, according to KDH Online Coordinator Linda Fulkerson.

“We want to help small businesses develop an online presence through online reputation and social media management,” she said.

Fulkerson said efficient online reputation and social media management are the cornerstone of a good small-business marketing strategy.

“Your online presence is kind of like an ecosystem,” she said. “Your website is your marketing hub, and everything you do is to protect and promote your website.”

KDH Digital Services will provide small businesses with online reputation and social media management, mobile marketing consulting and other services dedicated to increasing the bottom line. Fulkerson said most small businesses just don’t have the time to undertake a full-scale online marketing campaign.

“Most people do not have the time,” said Fulkerson. “Our service will help small businesses cultivate an online presence that increases foot traffic to their business. Whether you realize it or not, people are discussing your business online. We want to be there for small-business owners who know they need an improved online presence, but do not have the time or experience do it.”

KDH Print and Digital Director Amanda Green said the new service also will stress education. “We will be doing free seminars,” Green said. “Our first one will be held at the Shilo Inn on Wednesday, Sept. 26.”

“We are also offering a free small-business marketing ebook on our website,” she added. “It will help people understand current marketing trends and how they need to evolve to reach consumers.”

Fulkerson said the new venture answers the three main questions people ask her about improving a business’ online identity.

“The big three questions we get are: ‘What do I need to do?’ ‘How do I do it?’ and ‘How do I find the time?’” Fulkerson said. “We are the solution to all three of those questions.”

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