Retail development is heating up on East Stan Schlueter Loop in Killeen.

Developer Jim Wright, of the Jim Wright Company in Killeen, is finishing a seven-space retail project at 2707 E. Stan Schlueter. Meanwhile, Killeen-based Park Construction is heading toward the homestretch on a seven-space retail project at the intersection of East Stan Schlueter and W.S. Young Drive.

Wright said his retail project will be complete sometime next week. He has already leased four of the spaces and is looking to fill the others.

“I’ve got three tenants and four spaces rented,” Wright said.

Wright said East Stan Schlueter’s dense traffic makes it an attractive retail location.

“It’s a major east/west artery,” Wright said. “Other than the expressway, there is no other way to go east/west.”

Wright said in some ways, East Stan Schlueter could be a better location for retail businesses than the Central Texas Expressway.

“It’s a four- or five-lane road the whole way,” he said. “If you see a business on the opposite side, you can turn right into it. On the expressway, you would have to turn around and come back.

Cha Park, owner of Park Construction, said he expects his project to be completed in May.

“We don’t have any contracts yet,” he said. “We are open to any type of retail business.”

Song Park, who works with his father, Cha, said their original intention was to build a gas station.

“But rumors about another gas station coming in across the street changed our plans,” he said.

Wright said he and other developers are leveraging East Stan Schlueter’s retail potential to appeal to potential tenants.

“Obviously, it is working,” he said.

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