Less than a year after the September 2015 closing of the Twin Peaks location in Harker Heights, a new restaurant — Richard Rawlings’ Garage — is set to open later this summer in the same building.

Richard Rawlings’ Garage is the latest business venture of Rawlings — owner of Gas Monkey Garage and star of the Discovery Channel’s “Fast N’ Loud.”

Rawlings, who first entered the restaurant business with the Gas Monkey Bar and Grill in Fort Worth in 2013, said he is expanding his Dallas-Fort Worth-based Gas Monkey empire to Harker Heights in order to appeal to the community clost to Fort Hood and the military.

“We get a lot of military through Dallas,” Rawlings said. “It was an opportunity to be closer to that environment and have a little fun with those that are taking care of our country.”

Richard Rawlings’ Garage is themed around the camaraderie people can find getting together in their garage at home, and will feature traditional American food and drinks — barbecue, burgers and cold beer.

It will differ slightly from the Gas Monkey Bar and Grill in Dallas — which is designed to attract tourists and can hold about 3,000 people — in that the new restaurant will be designed to attract local residents.

“The Garage is more of a local hangout,” Rawlings said. “I wanted to have something more on the grass roots level that could go into any size municipality.”

While the design will differ from the original Gas Monkey Bar and Grill, the Gas Monkey brand will still be incorporated and the feel of the restaurant will be similar, just on a smaller platform.

Heights had a recent experience with the recognition that Richard Rawlings’ Garage will bring, when Food Network’s “Restaurant Impossible” was filmed at So Natural Organic Restaurant and Market in Heights in April.

Harker Heights Chamber of Commerce President Gina Pence said she is confident residents will love the new restaurant. She said an announcement on the chamber’s Facebook page about the opening received 80,000 views in a few hours.

“We are thrilled to have Richard Rawlings’ Garage restaurant going into a prime location within the city,” Pence said. “I am sure this will become a destination spot for the foodies and the fans of his television show.”

Rawlings was just as confident in how the restaurant will be received in the area.

“I think they are going to love it,” Rawlings said. “It’s going to be a really good time — it’s good for a couple buddies, and it’s good for families. You can bring anybody in there from your newborn to your grandma.”

There is not a set date for the opening at this time, but Rawlings said it should be sometime around Aug. 1 and said he would be involved in the grand opening.

“Heck, yeah!” Rawlings said. “I’ll be coming down several times a month, hopefully. Everything I do, I try to be wholly involved in and a part of.”

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