Killeen residents continue to feel the impact of a March hailstorm nearly six months later, as more than half of the city’s $2 million permits last week were for roofing repairs.

The city issued $1.2 million in permits for remodels to single-family homes, the majority of them for roofing repairs.

Hilary Shine, spokeswoman for the city of Killeen, said roofers expected the influx of permits to continue through the end of the year.

“They’re having to schedule them fairly far out (in advance) because there are so many,” she said.

Killeen also issued three permits totaling $472,744 for new single-family homes. Ashton Austin Residential, D&A Homes, and Carothers Homes Inc., will build new homes on Natural Lane, Rockwall Drive and Legacy Lane, respectively. Several commercial remodeling projects are on the way as well, as Killeen issued a pair of $1,000 permits to Myers Rental and Parks Construction for remodeling on the U.S. Club at 308 S. Second St., and Favor Auto Sales at 100 E. Veterans Memorial Blvd. Coffee Creek Construction received a $19,500 permit for repairs to CC’s Barber Shop at 310 N. Fort Hood St.

Summerfield Mobile Homes also received a $39,000 permit for a new mobile home setup on a lot at 6100 E. Rancier Ave.

Harker Heights issued $1.5 million in permits last week, including three permits totaling $667,000 for new single-family residences. Manning Homes received a $225,000 permit for a home on Alpine Fir Drive. JWC Homes received a pair of $221,000 permits to build new homes on Walden Creek Crossing.

Copperas Cove issued $416,495 in permits, nearly $247,000 of which were for new single-family homes. Local company Silverado Homes will build two homes on Plains Drive.

Cove also issued more than $141,000 in reroofing permits.

Nolanville issued a $260,000 permit to A&G Homes for a 3,622-square-foot home on Bella Charca Parkway.

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