Local sales tax receipts increased modestly but lagged behind state averages last month, a comptroller report released Wednesday shows.

Cities in Bell County will receive sales tax allocation payments that were as much as 24 percent down to nearly 35 percent above June 2012.

The payments are based on sales made in April.

“Growth in state sales tax revenue was led by collections from the information services and construction sectors,” Comptroller Susan Combs said in a statement. “Restaurants also showed notable growth, while oil and natural gas-related activity remains a major source of strength.”

Statewide, sales tax revenue in May was $2.26 billion, up 7.9 percent from May 2012.

Current sales tax allocations increased 8.3 percent to $556.8 million statewide.

Morgan’s Point Resort reported 34.82 percent improvement from last year, the area’s most impressive gain.

Last month, the city posted a 35.11 percent increase. At the time, Morgan’s Point City Manager David Huseman attributed most of the increase to the addition of a Dollar General store.

Likewise, tax receipts increased in Little River-Academy, 15.78 percent, and Nolanville, 14.58 percent.

Larger cities in Bell County made modest improvements from last year.

Temple reported 3.58 percent growth, which mirrored Killeen’s 3.60 percent gain.

Belton, which has posted some of the county’s most impressive and steady growth in tax receipts, received a 3.97 percent larger payment from the comptroller’s office.

Troy and Harker Heights were the only Bell County cities to receive lower payments than in June 2012. Troy decreased by 24.36 percent, while Harker Heights receipts were down 7.59 percent.

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