Mike Parks pours caramel syrup on a special concoction at 2Scoops, the ice cream shop on Rancier Avenue he opened with his wife, Marlie, in April.

On the exterior, 2Scoops Ice Cream is indistinguishable from its neighboring convenience stores in Killeen’s 439 Plaza at 4201 Rancier Ave.

Customers need only take one step inside to find themselves in an entirely different world.

What appears to be the world’s largest chalkboard broadcasts the various flavors and concoctions available to customers. “Clouds” dangle from the ceiling, and a radio playing Disney tunes completes the shop’s whimsical vibe.

It’s exactly the atmosphere that Killeen couple Mike and Marlie Parks were striving for when they opened 2Scoops Ice Cream in April.

After Mike Parks left the Army last year, the couple wanted to open a business that also would allow them to spend time with their children, 6-year-old Emma and 4-year-old Jensen.

“There’s nothing around here to take your kids to,” Mike Parks said. “We decided to open something Disney-esque.”

Aside from 16 Blue Bell flavors, all other products served in the shop — from the hot fudge to the waffle bowls to some of the candy toppings — are homemade.

The Parks have created their own ice cream flavors, including “Circus, Circus,” a circus peanut-flavored creation with circus peanuts and animal crackers mixed in; “Gold Rush,” sweet cream ice cream filled with real Texas honey and candy nuggets; and “Walt’s Cotton Candy,” which duplicates the taste of the cotton candy served at Walt Disney World — a family favorite. So far, nine original flavors are available, with more on the way.

“You could come here tomorrow and we’d have something different,” Mike Parks said. “We want to get a cult following, and you can’t do that when you can buy the same ice cream at a gas station.”

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