Local shoppers were out en masse on Black Friday, searching for good deals that started at many retailers on Thanksgiving.

H-E-B in Copperas Cove had from 70 to 100 people standing in line before the store opened at 6 a.m.

“It was busy, but we had a very smooth opening,” said Cindy Neault, a general merchandising manager at the store.

Toys and electronics were popular items, Neault said, adding customers poured in all day.

Target in Harker Heights, which opened at 8 p.m. Thursday and didn’t close until 11 p.m. Friday, had people waiting in line at noon Thursday.

“There was a really long line down to Old Navy,” said Ayeshah Castang, an executive team leader at Target. “We had a long line all night.”

But the longest anyone had to wait to check out was 45 minutes, Castang said.

Some hours were busier than others, she said, but once 7 a.m. rolled around, customers started to flow into Target consistently.

“I wanted to find deals on electronics ... and clothes and it all, really,” said Beverly Jones, of Killeen, outside Target around noon Friday. “I have gone to every shop that is on this walkway.”

Jones said she likes to participate in the Black Friday specials, but she prefers to skip the Thursday lines and start shopping Friday morning.

Temple resident Eric Delgado also waited for some of the Friday crowd to clear, he said.

“It has been a pretty good day,” Delgado said. “It was pretty easy, pretty simple. We got out behind the crowds.”

H-E-B and Target officials said they expect heavy crowds to continue.

“We expect a steady flow like this all weekend,” Castang said, watching people walk in and out of Target.

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