What smartphone do you prefer?

Diane Drussell, Central Texas Business Resource Center programs coordinator, checks text messages on her Blackberry Torch 9800.

Smartphones are already the status quo for business leaders in the Killeen-Fort Hood area. But it is not enough to just own a smartphone. A business owner needs to know how to get the most out of it in order to impact the bottom line. But that can be intimidating at first. There are a lot of bells and whistles to sift through to optomize a smartphone for a particular user.

Apple currently offers 230,000 apps for the iPhone. Google Android offers 70,000.

Here is an opportunity to learn what smartphone and apps are used by 10 business leaders in the Killeen-Fort Hood area. Interestingly, although Android is on more phones across the country, the iPhone seems to be more prominent among area professionals.

Ana Borchardt

Smartphone: iPhone 4

How it helps her get the job done: “I use my phone, in particular, for work as a resource to stay connected through phone, e-mail, text and calendar.”

Favorite app(s): “Texting helps me stay connected. We use the texting app a lot. The ability to access and see my emails helps me plan my day to be able to respond quicker. It helps me stay on top of things.”

Diane Drussell

Programs coordinator at Central Texas Business Resource Center

Smartphone: BlackBerry Torch 9800

How it helps get the job done: “BlackBerry does not have as many apps as an iPhone or a Droid, but as far as business use, they were the first! I love the fact I can open and edit word documents and excel documents.”

Favorite app: “Facebook, just because I can get information and messages out in a quick minute.”

Tremmell Pitmann

Private investigator

Smartphone: iPhone 4s

How it helps get the job done: “I can’t do my job without it. A large amount of my job is done through research on the Internet. So I’ve got to be able to do things on fly.”

Favorite app: “Phonegangsta, With this app, you are able to make your phone number and caller ID say whatever you want it to. Lol. You can actually call them from their own phone number.”

Desirae Franco

Public Relations Specialist/PIO, Metroplex Health Systems

Smartphone: HTC Evo

How it helps get the job done: “In my office, everyone is going in a million directions, so it helps us keep in contact and stay up-to-date on any information that comes into the office when we are out.”

Favorite app: “My favorite app for work is Pulse News.”

Richard Kitterman

Central Texas BBB director

Smartphone: iPhone 4s

How it helps get the job done: “Unless I turn it off, there’s not a minute I’m out of touch with consumers and co-workers. Not only is that important in this day and age, it’s pretty much expected. I can do anything with my iPhone that I can when I’m in the office.”

Favorite app(s): “The BBB Search, email, Google and MSN apps are my favorites, in that order.”

Susan Parkhill

Site Director Aegis Communications

Smartphone: iPhone 4si

How it helps get the job done: ”Mobile access to data and connections. I use it to monitor email, chat with staff and conference calls.”

Favorite app: “I use the Pedometer (Winged Foot) to track my distance and time. I run 4 or 5 days a week and found the app not only helps me track steps, time and distance but makes me push to exceed the day before.”

Jonathan Packer

Director of Marketing and Research at Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce

Smartphone: iPhone 4

How it helps get the job done: “In my work at the Chamber of Commerce, I am often out and about, and it is important to have a mobile office. Additionally, mobile website traffic is approaching desktop traffic, and it is important that I can test all of our sites on a mobile device.”

Favorite app: “My favorite app is NewsRack, which is integrates well with Google Reader.”

Jim Wright

Jim Wright Company

Smartphone: iPhone 4

How it helps get the job done: “It’s like taking the office with me.”

Favorite app: “The map app is pretty useful in my line of work (real estate).”

Scott Shine

Shine Team Realtors

Smartphone: iPhone 4s

How it helps get the job done: “As a real estate agent, I’m out of the office on a regular basis, but my smartphone allows me to have access to most of the important data, contacts, and documents that I need.”

Favorite app(s): “I have two favorites: The first is Dropbox. This app is absolutely indispensable for me. It keeps my home computer, iPad and iPhone synched and accessible from any computer with an internet connection.”

“The second is Docusign, which is an electronic signature app that allows me to sign contracts from my iPhone or iPad and it allows me to send contracts anywhere in the world and our clients can sign on any computer, smartphone or tablet without ever printing the document.”

Ashley Liburdi

AT&T Mobility Sales

Smartphone(s): iPhone 4s, Blackberry Bold, Samsung Skyrocket

How they help get the job done: “The Blackberry Bold is my personal device. I prefer Blackberry as a person. My iPhone is the one I use the most at work because ATT runs all its platforms on an iPhone operating system.”

Favorite app: “Microsoft Outlook for iPhone. Email is better and more organized on an iPhone than it is on Android. Especially when you get hundreds of emails a day like I do.”

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